At Gentle Dental Clinic we pride ourselves on our ability to make the most anxious of clients feel at ease. Anxiety is a huge problem with approximately 50% of the population not attending the dentist through being nervous, fearful or phobic. Much of the problem is overcome by simply explaining the proposed treatment and taking the time to do so.

The team has a very high success rate at making clients for whom comfortable dental treatment seems a distant dream, accept a wide range of modern dental procedures. This is achieved by our sympathetic, patient and understanding approach evident as soon as you arrive, to the minute you leave.

Almost everyone is nervous to some degree about going to the dentist. We treat all patients in a kind and gentle manner. This is the best way to reduce nerves in the long term.

Some patients are, however, extremely nervous and require, at least initially, some form of sedation. Sometimes sedation is required if a particularly unpleasant procedure, such as surgery, has to be performed.

Our philosophy regarding sedation is based on treating all our patients in a kind and gentle way so that eventually they find that they do not need the sedation at all.

We can offer Inhalational sedation (commonly called Twilight Sleep). Each patient has to be individually assessed.

Inhalational sedation has several advantages. It is it very short acting and once the work is done there are no after effects. The patient need not be accompanied and can carry on normal activities almost immediately.