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Our Caring Team

Regular visits to the dentist is a healthy practice that should start very early so that it becomes a lifelong habit.

We understand that for many people, especially small children, visiting the dentist can be a scary experience. That’s why, when your child visits us for the first time, we take the time to teach them in a friendly and playful manner the importance of brushing and flossing (as well as healthy eating habits) whilst making their time with us as positive and fun as possible.

By taking this caring approach your child will become familiar with our dentist environment and realise that there is nothing to be afraid of when they visit us for a routine check-up.

You’re Never Too Young to Protect Your Teeth

Because good habits start at an early age, we feel it’s best that you take your child to their first dental appointment as soon as their first teeth start to grow.

This not only gets them accustomed to visiting the dentist but also allows us to spot any potential issues before they can become more serious since changes can happen very quickly in baby teeth.

When your child is the appropriate age we’ll show them the best way to brush their teeth properly and show them how to change the direction of the toothbrush to best clean each tooth.

To be sure they are using the right fluoride level and tooth care products to help protect their developing teeth, your dentist or hygienist will discuss and recommend to you the appropriate items.

Healthy Habits Start at Home

Of the many things you can do at home to protect your child’s teeth, the most important one is for you to brush their teeth when they are very young and oversee their brushing habits until they reach the age of 7. The sooner they learn the healthy habit of brushing twice a day the more likely they are to continue doing so throughout their lifetime.

One very important thing you can do at home is to become more aware of the amount of sugar and acids present in everyday foods- not just sweets but also hidden sugars such as those found in breakfast cereals and even fruit juice.

By understanding the importance of good dental hygiene and proper tooth care, your child is well on their way to a lifetime of happy and healthy smiles!

It’s amazing what can happen when somebody takes the time to explain to a child what’s going on around them. Gentle Dental answered all my child’s questions. They were fantastic.


Q. What's the best age to take my child to the dentist for the first time?

Every child is different but we recommend a child’s first visit should be at the latest around the age of 2. By starting young, and by having a positive experience, they will become comfortable in the dentist environment and learn they have nothing to fear from routine check-ups.

Q. What if my child is afraid of visiting the dentist?

We frequently hear from our patients about bad dental experiences they had as a child which, in turn, made them nervous about visiting the dentist in later life. To help your child feel as safe and relaxed as possible during their first dental visit we take the time to play and chat with your child so they know what to expect and avoid any ‘surprises’.