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Whiter and Brighter Smiles

The foods we eat and beverages we drink on a daily basis can have a slow, but very noticeable, effect on the appearance of your teeth. Over time they can become dull and discoloured and before you know it your once white and bright smile is now listless and dingy.

Whitening your teeth is a simple and very popular way of improving your smile without needing a more invasive procedure (such as veneers).

At The Gentle Dental & Implant Clinic we use the Phillips Zoom! Whitening Program which you use in the convenience of your own home. The process is simple, safe and incredibly effective.

You can pay for your treatment as necessary or receive a life of treatment for a one-off fee. Your dentist will help you decide which option is best for you.


Q. Will whitening my teeth damage them in any way?

As long as the procedure is done correctly and your teeth are healthy and free from decay or any other underlying problems, whitening your teeth is incredibly safe. Best of all, with the Zoom procedure we can adjust the level of whitening chemicals to protect your teeth against sensitivity as well as lighten your teeth by as much as 8 shades.

Q. Will whitening my teeth hurt?

Depending on how sensitive your teeth are, no, you shouldn’t feel any pain or discomfort from the tooth whitening process. However, if your teeth are naturally sensitive we can provide a desensitising gel that you can use for a few weeks prior to having your teeth whitened. Your dentist will discuss all your options during your visit.

Q. How long will it take to whiten my teeth?

It depends on the degree of discolouration so some patients may require more treatments than others to get the desired results.

Your dentist will talk to you about your expectations and provide an estimate of the number of treatments you may need to achieve the desired results and keep in mind that the Zoom Program makes it easy to receive touch-ups to keep your smile shining brighter for longer.